Last modified: 2022-12-01


Tor is a connection-oriented anonymizing communication service.

Install Tor

sudo apt install tor

Start/Restart/Stop Tor Service

# Start
sudo service tor start

# Restart
sudo service tor restart

# Stop
sudo service tor stop

# Status
sudo service tor statur


Proxychains forces any TCP connection made by any given application to follow through proxy like TOR or any other SOCKS4, SOCKS5 or HTTP(S) proxy.

  • configuration

    vim /etc/proxychains.conf
    # -----------------------------------------------------
    # If performing nmap for port scan through proxychains, comment out the following. Otherwise it will hang and crash.

    If you lost a configuration file, download from the repository.

    wget -O /etc/proxychains.conf

Now start the Tor service and run the following command to open the Firefox via proxychains.

proxychains firefox