Exploit Notes

Email Analysis

Last modified: 2023-03-20


Detecting malware from messages, check if they are phishing.


Manual Analysis

  • Sublime Text

    You can analyze an email message source.
    Download the .eml file from the email provider and open it on the Sublime Text.

Malware Detection in Attached Files

If you got mali in which attached "suspicious" files, you need to investigate them.

  1. View the Message Source

  2. Copy the Attached File's Base64

  3. Change Base64 to SHA256

    sha256sum attached_file.doc
    # or
    sha256sum <base64-string>

    Or there are some useful tools:

  4. Investigate the Hash

    There are some useful tools:

Tools by HDKS


Automatic web fuzzer.


Auto reconnaissance CLI.

Hash Cracker

Hash identifier.