IMINT (Image Intelligence) and GEOINT (Geospatial Intelligence)

Last modified: 2022-12-22


IMINT and GEOINT are types of OSINT to reveal desired information from analyzing images.

Basic Investigation

open example.jpg

Google Dorks

Search the keyword which is found in the image.

  • Name
  • Location (country, city, etc.)
  • When does it open

Upload the image in each search engine.

Video (mp4) Geolocation

FFmpeg extracts every single frame from a video.

# -i: input file
# %06d: followed by six digits e.g. img_000001.png, img_000002.png, etc.
# -hide_banner: hide unnecessary text.
# -r: frame rate (e.g. 1 frame per second)
ffmpeg -i example.mp4 -r 1 img_%06d.png -hide_banner