Convert Int to Binary in Python

Last modified: 2023-08-29


Using the format method in Python, we can convert int to binary.


Int -> N-bit

Specify 'b' in the format method in Python.

format(123, 'b')

# 1111011

Int -> 8-bit

We can specify 8-bit by prepending {0:08b} before the format method.
Alternatively, zfill method can be used for this purpose.

'{0:08b}'.format(123, 'b')
format(123, 'b').zfill(8)

# 01111011

Int -> 16-bit

This is also the same as above, we can specify 16-bit by prepending {0:016b}, or zfill method can be used.

'{0:016b}'.format(123, 'b')
format(123, 'b').zfill(16)

# 0000000001111011