32-bit ARM Assembly

Last modified: 2022-12-01

Reverse Engineering

32-bit Advanced RISC Machine (ARM) processor. It's one of a family of central processing units (CPUs) based on the reduced instruction set computer (RISK) architecture for computer processors.


  • R0 GPR (General Purpose Register)

  • R1 GPR (General Purpose Register)

  • R2 GPR (General Purpose Register)

  • R11 GPR (General Purpose Register)

  • R12 GPR (General Purpose Register)

  • R13 Stack Pointer

  • R14 Link Register

  • R15 Program Counter - Is responsible for directing the CPU to what instruction will be executed next.

    # Control the PC directly (not recommended in User mode.)
    mov r15, 0x00000000
  • CPSR (Current Program Status Register) - Stores information about the program and the results of a particular operation.

Create Assembly Program

@ LR Demo - Link Register Demo

	.global __start

	mov r7, #0x30   @ mov hex 30 into r7
	b no_return     @ branch to no_return function which never returns

	mov r7, #1      @ mov decimal 1 into r7
	bl my_function  @ go to my_function which after execution

	mov r7, #0x12   @ mov hex 12 into r7
	b exit          @ branch to exit

	mov r0, #10     @ mov decimal 10 into r0
	mov pc, lr      @ mov the ret address into the program counter

	mov r7, #1      @ sys_exit
  	svc 0

To compile it, run the following commands.

as -o sample.o sample.s
ld -o sample sample.o